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The Gwen Stefani Diet's Journal
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Monday, December 10th, 2007
10:59 pm
The Workout
Of course a good diet, a well thought out diet, should always include exercise

Gwen Stefani has been quoted as saying: “I have to struggle to have this hot body!"
Thank God, because otherwise this just would not work!

Gwen uses a personal trainer, but not all of us are so privileged!

Gwen Stefani has worked out with trainer Gunnar Peterson who is also trainer for Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. She tried yoga but it didnt work out for her so she sticks to more traditional exercises. As well as looking good, this also benefits her stage performance 'I would be a rock on stage'. Gunnar Peterson is also famous for the Core Secrets collection which is based around a fitness ball and is very popular is celebrities. You can purchase core secrets for more information but here are the basics.
She works out religiously everyday, involving weights and cardio with her personal trainer three times a week and then jogging / hiking nearby her homes, usually early in the morning. Her personal trainer adds that the key is 'work, diet and hydration' you need lots of water and sleep so that you can get rid of the excess body fat that you are holding.
Doing a lot of running when she’s not in the gym is the key because it means she’s toned, but she also gets to keep her feminine shape. It’s important to her to have a girlie figure.

Gunnar describes how she’s achieved her washboard stomach. “I have her lie on her back on a fitness ball with her legs in front, making a bridge. Then she holds a medicine ball behind her head, by her right ear. Then she curls her body up and brings the ball diagonally across to her left knee.” For abs like Gwen’s, you have to repeat the exercise on the same side 8-12 times. Then swap over, taking the medicine ball by your left ear and bringing it to your right knee. For peak performance, repeat the whole exercise three times.
Gunnar says it’s a fab routine. He explains, “It’s great at working the abs, but also because you have to rotate it’s wonderful for toning your obliques and giving you a better work-out than a traditional crunch. It helps keep feminine curves in check.”

Gwen’s streamlined arms and perfect shoulders are all thanks to Gunnar’s expertise. He has two major exercises to work the upper body. “Gwen gives 150 per cent to these exercises and she needs to – it’s all about pushing yourself when you’re very tired. The best way to work the biceps is to do a curl with a bar. First of all, grab the bar with a narrow grip and curl up. When you start really feeling it and your muscles get fatigued, move the grip so it’s wider and continue doing it.” Gwen’s triceps also receive some intensive attention. Rather than doing a bench dip with her feet on the floor, she gets a more hard-core version from Gunnar. He explains, “Instead of having her feet on the floor, she has her feet on another bench in front of her before she dips. If you’re doing this in your gym, try to keep your legs stretched because that way you get a nice hamstring stretch at the same time.”

To make sure her slim figure isn’t too boyish, Gwen asked Gunnar to make sure her bum stayed nice and round. So he developed an exercise for her to do on the top of a fitness ball to work the glutes and ensure she’s got a sexy booty to be proud of. He explains, “Lie face down on the ball with your front touching the ball where your belt buckle sits. Put your palms flat down on the floor and slightly bend your elbows to balance yourself. Have your legs straight out behind you, but turn your feet out as if you’re doing a plié. Your shoulders should be slightly lower than your hips. “Now slowly lift your heels towards the ceiling. You should be able to lift them slightly higher than your head. As you lift, pause at the top of the motion so you feel it in your bottom. Do three sets of 8-12 of these.

“These really are absolutely fabulous for giving yourself a rounded bum, like Gwen wanted. “The next day you may well feel this in your lower back, but don’t worry. It’s not because you’ve done yourself an injury, it’s because you’ve really worked muscles in your bum that you don’t normally touch.”

-ABS, ARMS and BUM exercises (as stated above) - 30min (this will increase up to 45min as you get fitter)
-60min walk (will increase to a jog)
10:42 pm
Point Values
Here is a list of point values of many foods that will be included in The Gwen Stefani Diet.

I personally am allowed 22 points a day, so that gives you a rough idea. Yours can be calculated here (Australian).

Soy Latte (regular size or 300ml) - 1.5 points
Pringles (25g or 10 chips) - 2 points
Vitamin Water/Nutrient Water in Australia (1 bottle or 575ml) - 1.5 points

Fresh fruit: (these are just the ones I like, of course there are many more to mix and match)
-Apples (all types, medium size or 137g) - 1 point
-Avocardo (1 cup or 150g) - 4 points
-Banana (medium or 90g) - 1 point
-Blueberries (1/2 cup) - 0.5 points
-Grapes (120g) - 1 point
-Kiwi Fruit (medium or 86g) - 0.5 points
-Mango (large or 290g) - 2.5 points
-Rockmelon (1 cup) - 1 point
-Watermelon (1 cup) - 0.5 points
-Orange (medium or 230g) - 1.5 points
-Peach (medium or 120g) - 0.5 points
-Pineapple (1 cup or 140g) - 1 point
-Plum (medium or 100g) - 0.5 points
-Strawberries (1 cup or 150g) - 0.5 points

-Chicken Sushi (6 pieces) - 3.5 points
-Average all types (6 pieces) - 4.5 points

Chicken Kebabs (based on Leonard's)
-Chinese Honey (1 kebab or 105g) - 3 points
-Satay (1 kebab or 105g) - 3 points
-Teriyaki & Garlic (1 kebab or 105g) - 2.5 points
-Cajun (1 kebab or 105g) - 3 points
-Honey Mustard (1 kebab or 105g) - 3 points

-Cashews (20 nuts or 30g) - 3 points
-Almonds (20 nuts) - 2 points
-Hazelnuts (30g) - 3 points
-Macadamia (7 nuts or 30g) - 4 points
-Peacans (30g) - 3.5 points

Vegetables (raw):
-Cucumber (1 cup) - 0 points
-Carrots (1 medium) - 1 point
-Spinach (1/2 cup) - 0.5 points
-Celery (1 cup) - 0 points
-Cherry Tomatoes (1 cup) - 0.5 points
-Lettuce (1 cup) - 0 points
9:54 pm
I am attempting to create a diet based on Gwen Stefani's eating and exercise habits, in addition to the Weight Watches point system.

Helpful Sources:

Gwen Stefani's Exercise and Diet Regimes

Gwen Stefani's List of Demands (PDF)

Weight Watches Point Calculator (Australia)

Food Nutritional Values (Australia)

DISCLAIMER: This diet has not been approved by a doctor, and may not be suitable for you. Please check with your doctor before starting any sort of exercise or diet regime.
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